Copy Typing

Basic copy typing from written text to books, manuals, straight forward PDF documents.

Student Assignments

Basic copy typing from written or typed text.


Need something printed, we can print documents for you whether they be in Word, or PDF format.

Medical Transcription

We type the medical records of your patients. Whether that be the initial letter to the referring doctor, a follow up report, or even a variety of operative reports. We can also type up any documentation that you require for the running of your medical practice, be that employment contracts, business plans or any other documentation that you might require.

Word Processing

This is the more involved aspect than straight copy typing. This will include graphics, graphs, tables, diagrams, flow charts, pie charts, insertion of pictures, anything involving technical terminology, mathematical signs and formula.

General Dictation

Whether this be your letters, to do list, thoughts, business ideas, or anything else. We can turn your sound file into a workable document that you can then access.

General Transcription

This is when a sound file from either a meeting, conversation, court hearing, interview, radio show, TV Programme, teleconference or so on is listened to and typed into a workable document. This will often involve identifying the speakers and so on. There are also times when time stamps may need to be inserted for example in a transcript of a television or radio show.

Data Entry

This is where information is input into a database.


We provide proofreading services to your existing documents and correct it for spelling, grammar, syntax and correctness of content etc.

Internet Research

We can research information for you for student/degree purposes as well as for authors, companies, organisations or groups.