Conors Admin Services was established in 2002. It was established to assist specifically doctors in the keeping up to date with the administrative support that they require to ensure that their business runs smoothly as well as ensuring provision of accurate medical records.


While my niche market has always been the medical field, I am also well able to assist with general and legal work as well.


Conors Admin Services is owned and run by Trish Donmall. The doors were opened in 2002 when she was approached by a doctor at a local hospital to provide relief transcription work for him. We’re happy to say that many years down the line that we are still doing work for him.

Trish brings with her a wide range of experience. In her working life she has worked at a riding stable, giving lessons as well as basic admin with regard to running the stables. She has worked as a receptionist for an electrical shop. While in the UK she worked for a Housing Association in many capacities, but particularly in providing admin support to the Team and Office Managers. She has also worked as a Receptionist/Office Manager for a Financial Investment firm and most recently she works as an Independent Contractor for an American based Medical Transcription Company.

In all these jobs, she has been extensively involved in the day to day administration and assisted in running the office to the best of her abilities. She has also at various stages of her career worked for Temp companies providing short term admin support in a variety of fields.